Cobbleside Accessibility

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

Access Statement for Cobbleside, North Street, Milverton, Taunton, Somerset TA4 1LG


Cobbleside is located in the picturesque conservation village of Milverton. Milverton is based around a hill with the village church at the top. North Street slopes down from the church grounds. Cobbleside is a mainly Georgian terraced house with 5/6 bedrooms sleeping up to 14 people. There are 4 bathrooms, 2 of which are en suite; one bathroom is on the ground floor with a level entry shower. There is an additional toilet on the ground floor and Bedroom 5 also has an en suite toilet.


You will be given detailed directions in your check-in information once you have made a booking. The nearest railway station is at Taunton, approximately 8 miles away, with taxis available at the station. There is a bus service from the station (25A) which stops in Milverton, at North Street, just down the street from Cobbleside.

Key Collection, Welcome and Car Parking

The key is stored in a keysafe to the right of the front door. Details of how to use it and the access code are given on receipt of your deposit. There are no off road parking facilities, parking outside the property is free and without restrictions.

Entrance to Property

The main entrance from the road is up 2 steps (lower 12 cms/5ins rise, second 22cms/8.5ins rise). There is then a tiled path 1.7 m/5ft 7ins long, before 2 more steps (lower 15 cms/6ins rise, second 12cms/5 ins rise). The front door is 102cms/40ins wide. The entrance is well lit by outside lights (and a street light 10m away).

An alternative approach is available via the drive to the right of the property and through the garden gate. The key to the gate is hung in the back kitchen. Access is via the back hall door, across a flag stone terrace and up 1 small step (8cms/3 ins rise) and a threshold (6cms/2.5 ins high). The door is 84cms/33ins wide.

Halls, Stairs, Landings, Passageways

The front hall, back hall, stairs and landings are all well lit by a combination of wall and overhead lights.

The hall floors are tiled, the stairs are carpeted with a short pile carpet.

The passage between front and back halls is 97cms/38ins wide.

The staircase is wide and not steep, with a handrail and 2 landings. There are 18 steps in total, 5 to the 1st landing, 9 steps to the 2nd landing and then 4 to the top. The steps are 15cms/6ins rise and 30cms/12 ins travel.

Sitting Room/Lounge/Drawing Room

The main drawing room is entered through the study to the right of the front hall. The door openings are a minimum of 84cms/33ins wide.

There is a second sitting room to the left of the front hall which can be used as a downstairs, level entry bedroom (double or 2 singles). The door opening is 84cms/33ins wide.

The drawing room has two 3-seater soft furnished sofas, one 3-seater William IV settee, a 2-seater antique settee and two antique chairs with arms, together with a glass-topped coffee table and three glass-topped side tables.

The furniture can be moved.

There is an open fire and basket of logs provided.

There is a wide screen digital TV with remote control and DVD.

There is a small CD/radio player on the small bookcase.

A further stereo unit is located in the middle cupboard of the main bookcase.

The room is lit with a combination of wall lights and table lamps.

The windows have a combination of shutters and curtains for privacy/heat conservation. The curtains are closed by pulleys at the extreme left and right of the windows.

The floor is covered with a short pile Wilton carpet.

The study has 2 high-back armchairs, a desk and armchair. The Wi-fi is located here.

The 2nd sitting room, if not being used as a bedroom, has a 3-seater soft furnished sofa, 2 matching armchairs and a low coffee table. There is a wide screen digital TV in the room.

Dining Room

The dining room is off the back hall, with level entry from the hall and 2 steps down into the kitchen (top step 14cms/5.5ins rise, lower step 10cms/4ins rise)

The doors into the dining room from both hall and kitchen are 84cms/33ins wide.

The dining table seats 10/12 people, with an additional, moveable drop leaf table under the mirror for extra seating. There are 12 padded-seat dining chairs in the room. There are 2 armchairs with arms and a further 2 dining chairs available in the halls.

There is a wood-burning stove in the room.

Lighting is from natural daylight and wall lights.

The room has a short pile carpet.


The main kitchen is accessed through the dining room via 2 steps (see dining room)

There is a built-in electric oven with drop down door, the handle is 146cms/58ins above the floor.

There are 2 built-in ovens.

The hob is electric and is 90cms/36ins above the floor.

There ia a fridge and freezer in the kitchen.

The kitchen table seats 8 people.

Crockery, glasses, utensils and cooking equipment are stored below the worktop and in/on the large dresser. There are 2 cordless kettles in the kitchens.

There is a wall-mounted digital TV with in-built CD player in the main kitchen

The back kitchen is accessed through a gothic-style door (84cms/33ins wide). There is a step down into the back kitchen, 15cms high.

The back kitchen/utility room has an additional chest freezer, an additional fridge, a washing machine and an iron and ironing board.

Lighting is from wall spotlights and recessed spotlights above the work surface.

The kitchens have stone tile flooring.

Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas

There are 5 bedrooms upstairs; an optional Bedroom 6 is on the ground floor where a sitting room can be converted into a bedroom for a double bed or 2 singles.

The doors to all the bedrooms are at least 80cms/30ins wide.

Bedrooms 1 and 2 can have a double or 2 single beds; Bedroom 3 has 2 single beds. Bedroom 4 is at the end of the corridor, up 4 steps (18cms/7ins each), and has a double bed and space for 2 singles. Bedroom 5 can be for a double and up to 2 single beds, or for up to 4 single beds. The beds are all approximately 76cms/18ins high from the floor to the top of the mattress.

All bedrooms have wall lighting and bedside lamps and are carpeted with short pile carpet.

A cot is available if required.

With the exception of Bedroom 4, all bedrooms have shutters as well as curtains.

Bathrooms, Shower-rooms and Toilets

There are 4 bathrooms in total. The bathroom downstairs has level access off the back hall and has a walk-in shower, toilet and basin and is tiled throughout. The door is 76cms/30ins wide. There is also a separate toilet next to it.

Upstairs there are 2 en suite bathrooms, a family bathroom and an en suite toilet/basin (in Bedroom 5).

The family bathroom is off the middle landing on the stairs and is accessed up 2 steps (20cms/8ins high). It has a level entry shower, twin wash basins and a toilet. The floor is tiled, with underfloor heating.

The en suite bathroom for Bedroom 1 is up 2 steps (lower 12cms/5ins, 2nd 18cms/7ins high). It has a bath, shower cubicle (6cms/2.5ins threshold), basin and toilet. There is a double wardrobe and 2 cupboards. The floor is tiled, with underfloor heating.

Bedroom 4 has an en suite shower, basin and toilet. The shower is on a raised platform 17cms/6.5ins high. The floor is tiled, with underfloor heating.

A 10cms/4ins raised toilet seat is available if required.


The walled garden slopes downhill from the house. There are 2 terraces leading to the lawn. The top terrace is accessed from the back hall (threshold 6cms/2.5 ins, then a step 8cms/3ins). It is also accessed from the back kitchen door (threshold 10cms/4ins). It is paved with flagstones which are slightly uneven and can be slippery when wet. The next terrace, the herb terrace, is accessed down 1 step (10cms/4ins rise), a path 3.7ms/12ft long, and a further step (8cms/3ins high). The herb terrace is paved with bricks.

The lawn is accessed from the herb terrace via 2 steps outside the shed to the right (top step 12cms/4.8ins rise, 30cms/12ins travel, bottom step (10cms/4ins rise). There is then a brick paved slope to the lawn area. The garden area is approx 30mts/100ft wide and 50mts/162ft long with lawn, flower beds and a paved pergola.

Additional Information

Complimentary wi-fi is available, located in the study. No password is required.

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