Work Experience with Sleeps12

Wondering what working at Sleeps12 is like? Read a report from Ed, who got a taste of what is like to work at sleeps12 via Work Experience.

My name is Ed, I am currently spending my work experience at the Sleeps12 offices, getting a taste of what it is like to work at a company such as Sleeps12. My parents own Ilbeare (A Sleeps12 run property in Somerset that specializes in large group accommodation with a hot tub) and I hope to gain useful information and techniques that can be utilized in a variety of businesses and industries. 

The Sleeps12 team is warm and welcoming. The small number of staff working on the company make it feel more like a family situation rather than a primarily successful business in the heart of WellingtonSomerset. In the office they work tirelessly the building is small but cozy – offering a good sense of productivity and efficiency in order to create a smoothly run business that can offer the best experience for its customers.     

Throughout my time here I have learnt a lot about how the company is run. I have been shown the value of Social Media on booking (Using Facebook in order to advertise deals etc.) I have been on a visit to Ramscombe (One of the over 25 Sleeps12 luxury holiday cottages). I got to meet the cleaners who work hard in order to make sure the houses are clean and up to scratch in order to make the experience for the guests as good as possible. I saw how the place was clean and how the water in the indoor pool is checked to ensure customer satisfaction.  

I took notes on what was going on at Ramscombe (which is perfect for a family break in Somerset) highlighting the speed at which the team of 4 cleaners were preparing for the guests (who were scheduled to arrive just a few hours after my visit). Any damage or general wear and tear (from tireless use) was carefully noted down. I was told that any damage is replaced as soon as possible in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

Whilst in the office I noticed the staff at Sleeps12 constantly taking phone calls assisting queries from owners of the houses and customers looking to rent. Most of what goes on in Sleeps 12 is carefully organized – the team here is keen to chat to me and answer any questions I might have throughout my time here. If you are interested in propertybusiness or even website building and management Sleeps12 is a great place to gain some insight.