Stunning Somerset - luxury holiday properties

We often have people call after their stay to tell us what they did, where they went and to inform us about great places to visit or to eat so that we can pass this information on. We know the locality of our properties really well and can help you make the most of your stay with Sleeps12.

We recently had some lovely feedback from a family about the lovely walks they had in and around Wellington. Wellington is close to a variety of properties such as Jurston Barn, Fuzzy Orchard, Ham Bottom and Cobbleside and is a bustling small town full of quirky interior shops and independent retailers. With this feedback in mind Emily and her son decided to put the wellies on, button up the coats and get out into the fresh air and follow in the footsteps of the family.

First things first Emily was told that if they were going on a walk then they had to find treasure! A treasure hunt list was written up and all suggestions on the list came directly from the 4 year old’s mouth. Writing a list of things to find when out walking is a great idea and lots of fun. Write your own or use ours – the kids will love it!

First stop was to Wellington for a quick look around The Emporium, a large premises made up of small retailers selling a variety of different items. Chalk painted furniture, soft furnishings, children’s clothing and vintage homewear. Technically not part of the walk it was however essential, or at least Emily says it was!

They took the monument road out of Wellington which takes the driver up onto the Blackdown Hills. Wellington was foggy when they left and it is hard to believe but half way up the hill the fog cleared and the sun came out. Perfect. Click here for more information abut the Blackdown Hills.

On to the top road and to Wellington Monument, a National Trust location. The next hour was spent walking through the avenue of trees looking for the items on the treasure hunt list. Eerie mist, falling leaves and the sun shining through the trees it was stunning. As you emerge from the path you clearly see the Monument ahead. Standing at 175 feet this triangular tower it is a tribute to the Duke of Wellington for his victory at the Battle of Waterloo. In this video you can see the statuesque beauty and the scenery around it. From here you can see for miles both into Devon and out to the Quantocks however when Emily visited the valley was covered in thick fog – typical! 

Having found four of the items on the list they turned for home to then see a heard of dairy cows in the fields that run alongside the monument walk. Dairy farming is a large part of the Blackdown Hills and has played a part in the history of the local area. You’ll notice that when you go walking in Somerset you will be greeted by every walker, and most of the dogs. What a difference to being in a big town or city. 

Back in the car they set out for Culmstock knowing that they could stop for tea and a slice of cake in The Strand Stores. A deli and cafe this shop is open early and shuts late. It offers a small menu beautifully done. The shop has everything you may need and the service is good. Near to Culmbridge House this is well worth a visit. 

So with aching legs they drove the short journey home keeping their eyes out for a hedgehog, a horse and a deer none of which were seen unfortunately. That does mean they will have to do it all again soon. Please do follow in their footsteps, when visiting our properties you are never very far from a long walk, a bit of an adventure and a decent slice of cake.