Spring has Sprung - Luxury holiday accommodation

Spring is well on it's way and we are looking forward to longer days and warmer weather. Our properties are quickly getting booked for the summer so please do check our live availiability soon if you are thinking of booking with us because we wouldn't want you to miss out!

Our friends at Forest Beef have had a busy winter and are, like us, thinking ahead to the summer. Have a little read of their guest blog to find out all about Spring on their farm. 

Don't forget to have a look at their produce as they can provide a variety of meat and eggs for your stay in a Sleeps12 property. What a great idea if you are thinking of having a BBQ during your stay. 

Roll on Spring……

Well here we are in March. After one of the most miserable winters I can remember, it is good to have the prospect of Spring, Summer and hopefully some sunshine!

The snow drops and daffodils are out and looking beautiful – full of promise for the year to come.

Our cattle have been calving through the late winter months, so we have lots of little ones in the sheds with their mums looking forward to having their first taste of grass when they are let out. And what a sight it is! To see a bull and his ladies released into the open air after being in a straw barn in winter is truly amazing. They leap into the air and hop and skip as if they were as light as a feather! One of our bulls weighs around a ton in weight, so it is quite a spectacle.

Our chicken are avid foragers and they have determinedly braved the elements to scratch round their fields this winter. So much so, some parts of their field are currently quite brown and bare looking. I can’t wait to see their feathers gleaming in the sun, grass growing again and the leaves budding on the trees!

The pigs too will be pleased to get some sun on their backs – however we have to be careful that our pigs do not get too hot as they can’t sweat and can overheat! They too can get sunburn, just like us.

We are preparing for the BBQ season too – making sure that our fridges and freezers are stocked with delicious meaty delights. Pork Ribs are always a favourite as are our delicious Longhorn Beef Burgers. Or for the more adventurous BBQ we have our home reared Pork Shoulders and Longhorn Briskets that can be slowly cooked and smoked for extra tasty delights. All our meat is Free Range and reared by us with lots of love! 

Please do have a look at the Forest Beef price list which can be found by clicking on any of the pictures. Give them a call to find out more about their delivery service.

Why not order a selection when staying at our properties with BBQ lodges (Fuzzy Orchard, Ham Bottom, Viney Hill) - we think that is a pretty perfect idea!