Making Memories

Making Memories is the Sleeps12 ethos. What better ethos could there be? Memories are so important, little pieces of love and fun are tucked into the back of the brain ready to fill you with sentiment whenever you need them. read more about the background of making memories in our latest blog.

We have always believed our properties to be the best, luxury accommodation in fabulous settings. It is always so nice to hear feedback from our customers and at Sleeps12 we have different ways in which these comments can be left. We receive email feedback from each stay and these help us to see what is good about the property and the stay. This feedback also helps us to quality assure our properties so that you are in the knowledge that our properties are kept fabulous all year round. We also have guest books in our properties and people leave some wonderful comments in these time after time. Our property owners love reading the comments and it really does give them a great insight into the people who stayed.

Some of our families come year after year and use our properties as a meeting point. An opportunity to get their family together for a weekend or a week to have fun, celebrate and catch up. These days families are often dispersed throughout to UK or across the world and need the chance to get together and celebrate all the great things being part of a family can provide. Coming together as an extended family unit can help bond relationships, introduce new members and create links that talking on Skype or FaceTime cannot achieve. Is there anything better than being close to those you love and cherish?

The Making Memories ethos started right there….in a guest book. A family who has been staying with us for many years wrote exactly that: ‘This is all about Making Memories’ The grandparents brought the family together from different corners of the world so they could make memories for their grandchildren. Give them the experience of all being together once a year, to shower each other with love and affection so they knew for the rest of the year that they were cared about. To be able to look back on those memories in years to come will be important, the grandparents realised this.

You’ll notice that we put Making Memories on our videos. This is deliberate, we believe that everyone staying in our properties does just that. Creates a unique set of memories that will last them for years to come. Whether you are staying with us as a family, a hen party, a 30th birthday celebration or a quiet get together with loved ones we assure you that you’ll take home far more than just your suitcase.

Watch this video and you’ll see exactly what we mean, it was inspired by those comments in the guest book. Making Memories is our ethos, why not come and make some for yourself?