Light, Camera, Action.......Filming our Sleeps12 holiday Properties

The morning of the 1st October started off with a few nervous people, some fog and an air of excitement. It was filming day for a new ad campaign to launch an exciting new venture for Sleeps12.

Promoting all things local develops our community feel and so we use the absolutely fantastic My Fabulous Life for the filming of all of our properties and this advertising campaign. The make up artist, who some might say worked miracles on Emily, is a local beauty therapist. Emily’s outfit needed to be chosen and a unanimous decision was made for the dress Emily made herself using a Simplicity dressmaking pattern – who knew our team were so talented!

The kitchen of The Old Mill, one of our properties, was used for the filming. The lighting and cameras set and the make up sorted and we were almost ready to go. Last minute preparations to the wording of the script was completed by Jess and Emily during the application of some extra long eyelashes and a microphone had to be hidden under a dress! Sounds complicated? No, the team were as ever patient and super helpful. 

First run through……… The word speedy may be the most appropriate! Boy, Emily can talk! If you didn’t know she used to be a teacher and her experience of leading assemblies and public speaking comes in handy at times like these.

Mug gate ensued, just which mug is the best? This photo might just make Emily feel like a mug!

After several takes at a slightly slower pace and after Ashley had tweeked certain parts of the wording Emily was off the hook and he was up next. He then realised it isn’t actually as easy as you think speaking to a camera. He does look stylish watching it back though!

Finally, once the fog had lifted, we made it outside to film the rest of the footage. This resulted in perhaps some of the most beautiful scenes of the day. We really do live in a beautiful part of the country.

So keep your eyes peeled for the ad, we are really excited about it and we hope you will be too. Our new venture has success written all over it. All the team at Sleeps12 would like to thank Becky, Tim and Ryan at My Fabulous Life and Jo Selman who did the make up.