Keeping cosy in Autumn and Winter - Group Holiday Accommodation

Have you noticed a chill in the air these last few mornings? I’ve seen a few more people walking the dogs in coats and wellington boots and picnic gear is being reduced and replaced with promises of Halloween and mulled wine. Where did the summer go?

Now is a great time to start thinking about getting together with friends and family, organising a weekend retreat where you can indulge in long, crisp walks in the fresh air and recharge those batteries before the Christmas and New Year rush. Sleeps12 properties offer you the perfect cosy spot to snuggle down and catch up. Some of our properties even have BBQ lodges. Oh no, these aren’t just for the quintessential summer BBQ, these are fully equipped for all year round use. The ambience is fantastic and what better way to stay warm!

Many of our properties are set in gorgeous countryside that just deserves to be discovered but if it’s excitement you are after then you will find a list of extras on each property page. Our knowledgeable team in the office will also be happy to offer advice if you have an idea but can’t see anything listed.

If it is a Christmas away from home that entices you we have some availability. Give the office a call to find out more. You really can get the whole family together under one roof for that memorable event to share in the celebrations. There is even enough room to fall asleep after lunch or work off that extra desert in the pool or games room. It really is up to you!