Will We Be Able To Have A Holiday In The UK This Christmas?

These are uncertain times and one question that’s on a lot of people’s lips right now is: Will We Be Able To Have A Holiday In The UK This Christmas? And a very good question it is too; Mr Johnson has told us that the current countrywide lockdown will automatically expire on December 2nd, but what then? We’ve had a good think and planned ahead…

There are so many folk who want to know if we’ll be able to have a holiday in the UK this Christmas, because it means so much to them. It’s a way of getting everyone together, friends and family from near and far, and this year it’s even more important because we’ve all had to endure separation; it’s been such an unsociable year. We don’t have a crystal ball, we can’t say for sure what things will be like but we can conjecture based on what we’re told and what’s happened before, and that way we can plan.

So, with the current lockdown due to ‘automatically expire’ on December 2nd, we’re working on the basis that the country will return to the Tier system and the Rule of 6. By now we all know how the Tier system works and the Rule of 6, well, we’d kind of got used to it as long as it was only temporary.  So, from December 2nd it’s back to the Rule of 6 for almost all of our luxury holiday homes. Most are in the South West which we’re hoping will never go above Tier 1, so if you’re also in a Tier 1 area you should be able to come and stay. If you’re from higher Tier areas, sadly, the government advice is not to travel.

For clarification on that Rule of 6 see here - it’s not as simple as it sounds because if your family or support bubble are greater than 6 you were still allowed to get together under the rule. We had been sticking very closely to the Rule of 6 and hadn’t actually had many bookings for larger families or support bubbles – smaller parties, yes, but seldom larger ones. That’s why we introduced our 6 Guest Special offers, which have been a huge success.

You see, our holiday houses in the UK may be big and beautiful but that’s not to say that smaller groups can’t come and stay too. We even have couples booking our country cottages for romantic short breaks, and we have families of 4 enjoying holidays with a private pool or hot tub. In normal times, you have the entire property and pay full price for it, though our prices are always remarkably good value considering you have exclusive use of all facilities – indoor pools, hot tubs, games rooms, saunas, steam rooms, cinema rooms, BBQ lodges and children’s play areas. Work that out on a cost per person basis and it’s less than the price of a decent hotel with all those things – and the beauty of it is that you don’t have to share any of it with strangers!

So, 6 Guest Specials; it’s quite simple – snooze space for 6, which usually means 3 bedrooms but never less (sometimes more) and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE ALL TO YOURSELVES! If there’s more of you in your family or support bubble and you’re all allowed to come then you can add as many more bedrooms as you need; likewise if Mr Johnson says we can meet in bigger groups. There will be a small additional charge for each extra bedroom, that goes without saying, but by doing things this way we can be flexible. If you want all the bedrooms you have to pay the full price – which, remember, is still jolly good value. BUT, do bear in mind that the 6 Guest Special offer may not be available at all of our luxury group holiday houses.

So, for now, that’s how we’re doing things, because we think that makes sense rather than to leave things in limbo. You see, we love Christmas, we don’t want to see it cancelled and provided we’re not still in full lockdown, this is a way that some of us will be able to enjoy the festive season with some, if not all, of our loved ones. Meanwhile we can all wish or pray for a miracle and hope that this terrible virus vanishes into thin air very soon and is never heard of again. How about you make yourself a nice cup of tea, get settled somewhere cosy and have a closer look at our stunning collection of holiday houses for Christmas in the UK. And keep positive all of you, keep smiling, one day soon this WILL be over. 🤞


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