Romantic Winter Getaways With a Hot Tub

Step into the schmaltz big time with our Just The 2 Of Us ❤️ special offers; oh yes, we have the pick of the bunch when it comes to romantic winter getaways with a hot tub. This is a chance to pull out all the stops for the dreamiest romantic break ever or even a cosy and relaxing escape from the confusion and commotion that’s going on out there right now. 3 nights, the best bedroom in the house, and everything else that’s there, all exclusively yours. Come and feel the love.

Love. It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Love is to be enjoyed, to be celebrated and this is a lovely way to do so. Don’t wait till Valentine’s Day, that’s cheesy. Plough your own furrow; you don’t need a designated day of the year to celebrate love! There’s a lot to be said for a lovey-dovey winter break with your one and only; we’ve certainly noticed we were getting more and more enquiries from people looking for luxury weekends breaks for two so our Just the 2 Of Us ❤️deal was born for couples looking for romantic winter getaways with a hot tub.

So imagine. A lovely big house, all yours, nice and private. Room to sing and dance, room to play, probably even room to do cartwheels if you want to (or if you can). Big fat sofas to snuggle up on and watch a romantic movie together, or perhaps to read love poetry to each other; fantastic kitchens to cook up a delicious dinner for two, wood-burners to come back to after a winter walk in the fields and fresh air.

And it gets even better. Imagine your very own indoor pool, at your disposal whenever you want it. Have an early morning dip together, a late night swim before you turn in. Slip into the hot tub, raise a toast to the very special love you share, to the two of you. You’ll see that some of our luxury holiday homes in the UK even have spa facilities like saunas and steam rooms, so you can enjoy a bit of pampering together. Go out into the BBQ lodge for dinner, put steaks to sizzle on the coals whilst you snuggle up in reindeer hides or warm blankets beneath the twinkly fairylights; just the two of you, all wrapped up in love. Imagine you’re far, far away, on the slopes of the Alps or somewhere, snow falling gently outside, inside all warm and cushy.

Our romantic winter getaways with a hot tub are the perfect antidote to the madness we are living with right now; it’s a chance to completely get away from it all, to head off to one of the best cottages in the UK for a few days in the country and be in a world of your own. Get there by 4pm on Friday, await a pre-ordered grocery delivery and you’re sorted for the rest of your stay. Turn the key, lock the world outside the door and get a smoochy groove on; while away the days and nights just being together, relishing every moment of being in love.

If you’re contemplating taking things a step further or have been thinking about tying the knot, well here’s the ideal opportunity. Come armed and amorous: whip out the ring in the BBQ lodge, in the hot tub, in front of the log fire, over a cosy dinner - you’ll find the place and the time that’s just right for you and it will be something you’ll always remember. Some of our houses have a balcony so what about that? A romantic proposal beneath the stars on a clear frosty night?

Take a look at our Just The 2 Of Us ❤️  special offers and you’ll find something that’s just right for your romantic winter break. Bring it on.