Short Breaks For Christmas In The UK

Well folks, the festive season is just around the corner, and Mr Johnson has announced that three households can meet up between the 23rd and 27th of December (they call it a 'Christmas Bubble'). That's not just nationwide, it's the whole of the UK, so what are you waiting for? Now's the time to book your Christmas get together and look forward to celebrating with your loved ones! Woo-hoo!

Demand for short breaks for Christmas in the UK is quickly rising since Mr. Johnson's announcement and that’s understandable; it's been a tough old year, not being able to get together with our nearest and dearest and our besties - but now we can, for a limited time only, and we still must be very careful, but it's something, hey? Make the most of it and head off for Christmas at a luxury large group holiday house, give Santa his redirection orders, arrange an online shop and go for it! The kids will love it – a huge house with an indoor pool, a games room and a ‘normous TV to watch all those festive favourites on, like Elf, The Grinch and Scrooge. And you’ll love it too – unwinding in the hot tub, taking your ease in the sauna, just putting your feet up and savouring every minute of it in your Christmas Bubble.

Don’t worry about the decs, we’ll take care of that. There’ll be a nice big tree for you and twinkly lights, we’ll make it lovely and Christmassy, don’t you worry. Like we said, you just get organised with the presents and the food – arrange a delivery for when you arrive from Dart Fresh, Coombe Farm Organic or your favourite supermarket and you’re sorted. Pop the Christmas music on, don Santa hats and make mince pies and spiced cookies with the young ‘uns.

Have a Christmas cookie decorating competition on Christmas Eve, make Gingerbread houses, get your matching Christmas pjs on and spend the evening playing games, some traditional, some more modern, like a candy cane hunt and that one where someone wears antlers and the rest of you try to throw hoops onto them – hilarious! No doubt you’ll be woken up early on Christmas morning after a certain someone has done his rounds, so light the fire, gather round the tree and open presents. Make it a wonderfully shiny, sparkly Christmas, make it the best you can because this is what we've all been waiting for - the chance to see our favourite people again, to spend time with them, catching up and making memories.

Cooking for the festive feast shouldn’t be a problem as you’ll find our kitchens are very well equipped with plenty of everything, so stuff the turkey, pop it in the oven and open the fizz. A few hours later, pile the table high with delights and tuck in, figgy pudding and all. You might need to sit comfy for a while after that but later on, whilst it’s still light, pull on your hats and scarves and go for a walk; with most of our holiday cottages in the UK out in the sticks there’s no shortage of glorious countryside and fresh air to perk you up.

In the evening tiptoe out to the BBQ lodge and get all snuggly in warm blankets or reindeer hides beneath the fairy lights, toast marshmallows and have a little sing soon of all your favourite festive tunes. It’ll be a magical day all round and you can all head off to bed feeling content and smiley for a restful night’s sleep. In the morning if you can drag the kids away from their new toys, pootle off to the coast for a bracing stroll along the beach. A lot of our holiday houses in the West Country are within easy reach of the Jurassic Coast or the Somerset coast; if you’re brave enough have a Boxing Day swim!

So yes, Christmas may be different this year, 'the season to be jolly careful' as our leader tells us, so we mustn't get carried away. You don’t have to let it spoil things though, you can still have a happy time of it with the people who matter most. Keep the faith, keep the happiness going; someday soon we can all be together again properly, like we were last year. In the meantime, make sure you have yourselves a merry little Christmas. Check availability and book today!


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