Holiday Lodges Sleeping 6 With Private Pool - Save 50%!

Save up to 50% on an autumn or winter break when you book a stay at one of our holiday lodges sleeping 6 with a pool. There’s something so very tempting about a few days away hunkering down in an out-of-the-way spot, snug as a bug with everything you need, in the company of your favourite people; big comfy beds, sofas to sprawl on, a well equipped kitchen, and a private swimming pool, all to yourselves. Cosy.

Our holiday lodges sleeping 6 with a pool are great places to stay anytime of year, but we get that thing about an autumn or winter break. It’s just SO cosy – the nights are drawing in so it’s dark early outside, the leaves have turned and with them the weather, so how lovely, how absolutely lovely to be tucked away in a timber-clad lodge in the country; soft lamplight, cuddly blankets, shadows falling gently on the walls, maybe a log fire burning, and a tray of hut buttery crumpets to tuck into. Ooh, it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Isn’t that just what you need? A few days rest and recuperation with your nearest and dearest, all together in one big happy with your own private pool to take a dip in whenever you like. If that’s given you food for thought, take a look at our Quantock Lodges – five separate lodges on a private site at the foot of the Quantock Hills in Somerset. Four have snooze space for 14 and the other sleeps 12 but what’s attracting a lot of attention at the moment are the 6 Guest Special offers available on all of these lodges, so if you like a bargain, act swiftly and enjoy savings of up to 50%.What sort of prices are we talkign exactly? Well, as an example, in November, 6 of you can stay for a 4 night midweek break for just £945; if you work that out it’s £157.50 per person, or on a nightly basis £39.37 each. A whole week is half price - £1250 which is £208.33 per person, or £29.76 per night each! You must admit, that’s a steal considering you get a commodious open plan living space all to yourselves, a games area, en suite bathrooms and of course, an awesome private indoor pool. Oh and that’s a private pool EACH by the way – each of the Quantock Lodges has its own private swimming pool. We defy you to find a hotel with similar standards for less – and remember, if you stay at a hotel with a pool you certainly won’t have it all to yourselves, you’ll be sharing it with people you’ve never met before; complete strangers, with their bodies, and their hairy toes and everything. Not everybody’s cup of tea, that, but having a pool that’s just for you, well, that’s completely different.

If you’re thinking, ‘oh but the five lodges are all on the same site’ allow us to paint a clearer picture: yes, they are all on the same site but they’ve been designed so that they face away from one another, so once you’re inside it actually feels very private and no one can see in. What's more they're all very different inside, they each have their individual interiors. Thorncombe and Cockercombe both have a wood-burning stove so you can just imagine how toasty you’ll be when you’ve got that going, especially if you’ve been out for a walk in the Quantock Hills with the pet pooch. (all lodges except Ramscombe are dog friendly).

The Quantocks are a wonderful part of the West Country, quite remote and unspoilt with a certain rugged beauty of their own. You’ll see red deer feeding in the fields, wild ponies on the heaths, and  squirrels jumping from branch to branch in the woods; you’ll hear ravens cronking from the treetops and crows cawing overhead, and when you’re up on that ridge you’ll feel the wind on your face and in your hair, and it’s all so invigorating! Climb up through the combes, among the dingly dells, the tinkling streams and mossy stones; explore Holford Combe, Hodders Combe and the quaintly named Lady’s Combe, Wills Neck and Dead Woman’s Ditch. There are country pubs in village streets lined with centuries old cottages, and it’s not unusual to see horses tethered up outside whilst their riders are inside partaking of refreshments, but that’s the beauty of the Quantocks, like we said, unspoilt, timeless, a world away from the push and shove.

Not far from our holiday lodges sleeping 6 with a pool are two excellent pubs – The Farmers Arms at Combe Florey and the Carew Arms at Crowcombe; both are proper job village inns, rustic, welcoming and packed full of charm. Book a table, tuck into some decent home cooked fare after a walk in the hills. If you prefer to stay at your lodge, that’s cool, but why not treat yourselves and hire one of our recommended caterers to come in and cook for you? That’s something that’s very popular among guests who are spending a few days away celebrating a special occasion, say a big birthday or an anniversary. They find what they want on our Extras pages and order flowers and a cake, and book caterers; sometimes they push the boat out and get in mobile beauty therapists to pamper them, or hire private cocktail waiters. Well, why not, after all, life is to be enjoyed!

Don’t miss out on these amazing prices with savings of up to 50% on our 6 Guest Special Offers; your own holiday lodge with your own private pool at the incredible price of just £29.76 per person, per night. Make it yours, make it a stay to remember, book today!

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