Romantic Spa Breaks For 2!

Our holiday cottages are perfect for romantic spa breaks for 2, whether it's a cheeky mid-week break or a weekend stay. Like this one, Otterhead House in Somerset. Imagine, just the two of you, hunkering down in a gorgeous house, out in the country, peace and quiet, achingly beautiful views, and a hot tub and sauna all to yourselves. Unlike a hotel, you don't have to share any of it with anyone, it's yours, all yours for the whole of your stay.

Otterhead House is an absolute dream for romantic spa breaks for 2 because it ticks all the right boxes. There's the location for a start, tucked away in a very quiet spot in the Blackdown Hills; just up the lane behind the house are Otterhead Lakes, once part of the estate of a grand Victorian country house. Now it's a tranquil nature reserve and a haven for wildlife with ducks dabbling, moorhens scooting across the waters, swans gliding, and dippers bobbing on the stream. A couple of miles up the road is the village of Churchinford where there's a pub and a very well stocked shop, so if you need any bits and pieces just pootle up there. Otherwise get stocked in for your arrival at Otterhead House with a delivery of delicious local delights from Dart Fresh.

Another reason that Otterhead House is hard to beat for romantic spa breaks for 2 is because it's so lovely and private; neither the house or the garden are overlooked at all and apart from The Old Chicken Shed up behind where the owner sometimes lives there aren't any immediate neighbours. On the terrace at the front of the house there's a hot tub and one of those awesome Swedish barrel saunas, so you can happily make good use of both in total privacy - in fact, we think you'd be quite safe out there in the buff if that's what you feel inclined to do!

The views from the terrace are incredible; gentle woodlands, rolling hills, all the softness of a Blackdowns valley. If you closed your eyes and listened all you'd hear would be the chirruping of the birds and maybe a light wind in the treetops. You'd feel the autumn sun on your face, the breeze stirring your hair, and the fresh country air in your lungs. Savour it, get in the sauna and snuggle up, feel the goodness of the steam, it's like a big deep cleanse for body and soul, great for re-energising and revitalising. 

The weather's been great lately and hopefully that will continue well into October, as it often does, so you can spend plenty of time outdoors. Maybe go for a stroll, hand in hand, through the fields or round the winding country lanes; come back, pour a glass of fizz and have a good soak in the hot tub together; stay out there and watch the sunset, relax in each other's arms while the stars come out one by one.

You don't really need us to tell you what a stunning place Otterhead House is, the photos speak volumes, but so much thought has gone into it and the result is wow factor by the bucket load. Interiors are so tasteful, so stylish, a rustic chic feel, a very comfortable ambience. The master bedroom allocated for our romantic spa breaks for 2 is Amazing (note the capital A) - huge soaring timbers, full height windows that give you a breathtaking vista over the valley; an absolute joy to wake up to. Just lie there, take it all in, the silence, the love of your life beside you in a huge bed in a beautiful house. Moments to treasure.

Ah, it's a world of your own! We quite understand if you don't want to go home, it's like a little slice of paradise here. Think of those lazy mornings, laying in bed, doesn't matter what the weather's up to really, sunlight filtering into the room, rain pitter-pattering on the windows, it's all so incredibly romantic and there's nothing wrong with a healthy dose of good old fashioned romance.

Come in after a walk, after a soak in the hot tub or from being in the sauna, come back in, pull the curtains and light the fire; get a tray, open a bottle, put your feet up and cuddle up by firelight, just the two of you, together.

Isn't it great? And it's all yours, so enjoy it, make yourselves at home. There's plenty of room to stretch out on the sofa, a hi-tech projector with an enormous screen; fill a bowl with popcorn and spend the night watching movies, snug as bugs.

Romantic spa breaks for 2 are all about just taking time out to be together; it's a time to be close, a time that's all yours. Leisurely breakfasts, leaving the washing up, just idling the time away together, that's what it's all about. Not the sort of romantic break you get at a hotel, oh no. This is in a different league - and at good prices too, especially if you come for a 4 night midweek break

If you're a whizz in the kitchen you might want to surprise your partner by cooking them a corker of a romantic dinner, full of the flavours of the bountiful produce that's made or grown in these hills. Pop some tunes on, pour some cocktails, dance in the kitchen, no-one's watching.

If you're thinking of setting up home together, you'll get a lot of inspiration from Otterhead House. That kitchen - wowsers! More hefty green oak timbers, fabulous burnished brass worktops, and just like the bedroom, floor to ceiling windows to let the light pour on in and to give the best views of Somerset countryside that seems to roll on endlessly to merge with the sky. 

You might want to get away for a romantic spa break for 2 for something special, like a birthday, or an anniversary. Sometimes it's wonderful to escape to somewhere like this just because, or even better, to surprise the one you love. Who knows, it might even be the perfect opportunity to propose, if that's something you've been thinking about...

There are just so many ways to while away the hours at Otterhead House; even if it gets chilly as the autumn nights draw in you can wrap up warm and sit outside by the firepit. The moon will rise over the hill, you'll hear foxes barking in the fields, owls hooting and calling to one another. It's the kind of romantic break we dream of; check availability and book today. Feel the love. ❤️

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