Half Price Holidays With A Private Pool and Hot Tub

Half price holidays with a private pool and hot tub are as rare as hens teeth so this autumn and winter don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity of a stay at Croftview in Somerset with prices slashed to 50%! You get 5 en suite bedrooms (1 access friendly) that can sleep up to 11 guests, a stunner of a spa hall with a pool, hot tub and sauna, a games room, BBQ lodge, and play area for the kids – totally private and all yours for the whole of your stay!

Have you seen this place? It’s certainly not the kind of thing you want to miss out on, especially if you’re in dire need of a holiday or a few days away. Croftview is a newly built holiday house for big groups, but hey, you know how things are, we can’t do that right now so what we’re doing instead is this rockin’ reduction in price with all the fantastic facilities. That means that families and support bubbles can come on down to the West Country to enjoy half price holidays with a private pool and hot tub – and even better it doesn’t matter what the weather’s like because you’ve got that gorgeous spa hall and games room so you can all be happy indoors even if it’s blowing a hoolie!

If you’re a little confused about the new ‘Rule of 6’ that was introduced by the government on Monday, here’s how it works: even though the rule is that you can’t meet indoors or outdoors with more than 6 people, there are exceptions. One exception is if you’re a big family – so two parents, four children or more, fine, off you go, holibobs as normal. Another exception is if your support bubble numbers more than 6 people. For more about what a support bubble is read here. As an example you might be a family of two parents and three children; in your support bubble you could have say a friend, a brother or sister who is a single parent with four children. So in total that’s 10 of you and because you’re all in the same support bubble you can go on holiday together. The five bedrooms we’ve included in our amazing half price deal at Croftview sleep up to 11 but if there’s more than that in your family or support bubble let us know because we can still accommodate you.

We hope that’s useful, because this is one marvellous markdown you won’t want to miss out on if you can help it. Croftview is one super incredible house, we can tell you that for nothing. There’s the location for a start, on a 1,200 acre private estate deep in the beautiful Somerset countryside; fresh air, breathtaking views, rolling hills, wide open fields, immense skies. It’s lush. Inside is light and airy, cool and stylish, with absolutely everything you could possibly want to keep everybody entertained. The weather is still good and will hopefully stay that way a bit longer so you can have barbecues out on the terrace and enjoy the gorgeous autumn sunshine. When it’s dark you can tiptoe across the garden and down the steps to Charlotte’s Web, a magical rustic BBQ Lodge that’s set into the hillside and has the most astonishing views. Put the fairy lights on, get the sausages sizzling, snuggle up in cosy blankets and swap stories, tell jokes or have a sing-song.

You see, when you stay at Croftview it’s all so utterly perfect. It’s like you have a world of your own, away from the madness and the anxiety. It’s so peaceful, so restful, you probably won’t want to go home. If you fancy venturing out to explore the local area you’ll find lots to interest you; there are the walks of course, after all, this is Somerset. You can bimble around the footpaths on the estate and you won’t see a soul but if you want to go further afield there are places like Ham Hill Country Park, Herne Hill and Castle Neroche nearby.

You should go to the coast too – it’ll only take you half an hour or so and the sea views from Golden Cap are incredible. Have a leisurely amble around Lyme Regis, see if the Marine Aquarium at the end of the Cobb is open, or take the young ‘uns to Dinosaurland Fossil Museum. They’ll like Seaton Jurassic at Seaton too, and Ferne Animal Sanctuary, and something the whole family can enjoy is a visit to the gardens at Forde Abbey, Barrington Court or Montacute House.  

But you don’t have to go anywhere. You can step inside, lock the world outside and enjoy having Croftview all to yourselves. Get food delivered from one of the supermarkets or from Coombe Farm Organic just up the road, put your feet up for movie nights, play pool or air hockey, lark about in the pool, unwind in the sauna, relax in the hot tub. Don’t forget to feel smug every now and then because you got yourselves this unbelievable half price holiday with a private pool and hot tub!

There are so many reasons to take advantage of this 50% price reduction in the cost of a stay at Croftview. Come because you missed out in the summer when things got busy and holidays in the UK were in such high demand. Come because you have a birthday to celebrate, an anniversary, an engagement, a new baby, a new job, or come just because you like the idea of a few days away doing nothing but relaxing with your nearest and dearest. Whatever your reason strike whist the iron’s hot to take advantage of this fabulous offer; book your half price stay today!

NB: This offer on late availability only applies whilst the government 'Rule of 6' is enforced. 

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