Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that may be useful when you plan your stay:

Are Crowcombe and Thorncome one or two properties?

Crowcombe and Thorncombe are two separate holiday lodges that each sleep 14 guests; they are situated right next to one another, and can be rented together to sleep 28 people. This would very much suit a very large family gathering. There will be two of everything including swimming pools, gardens and kitchens! It's a great way of getting everyone together, although you won't all be able to sit down together to eat as the dining tables in each property seat up to14 people. You are not able to move furniture from one house to the other.

What time can I arrive at the properties?

The check in time for Crowcombe and Thorncombe is 4pm. It's not possible for you to arrive earlier than this as we will be busy preparing for your stay. If you think you might be earlier then why not stop at one of the recommended pubs or visit the nearby towns of Wellington or Taunton

Does this property require a cautionary deposit?

This property owner may require a cautionary deposit of up to £500 three weeks before your arrival. They will contact you directly to arrange this. More details about cautionary deposits can be found on this link.

Do these properties allow two night stays?

Yes, these properties have a two night weekend option. The two night breaks are from 4pm on Friday to 4pm on Sunday. It is imperative that you have left promptly by 4pm, otherwise you risk being charged for extra time in the properties and having some, if not all, of your cautionary deposit held rather than being returned. 

Can I have a food delivery to the property?

Yes you can arrange to have a food delivery to the properties on your arrival or during your stay. We ask that delivery slots are made for after the arrival time of 4pm and that you are there to receive the delivery personally. We recommend that you ensure that you put your mobile number and name on the delivery information. Asda, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco and COOK will all deliver to these properties. As Crowcombe and Thorncombe is not actually a postal address we do find that some supermarkets do not recognise the properties on their websites; if this is the case please use either Ramscombe or Cockercombe (neighbouring lodges) as the postal address, but add a note stressing that the delivery is actually for Crowcombe or Thorncombe, and include your booking name and contact number in the note.

Are there any local pubs that we could stop at on the way or visit while we are staying at these properties?

There are a few pubs nearby - the closest is The Blue Ball Inn at Triscombe.

What can we find supplied for us in the properties?

Certain things will be supplied for you at each of the properties; these are listed below:

Enough crockery, cutlery and glasses for a dinner party, salt and pepper, tea, coffee, sugar, washing-up-liquid, dishwasher tablets,tea towels, J cloths, oven gloves, bin bags, hand soap, shower gel,  and at least 2 toilet rolls per toilet. All bed linen, one cot mattress and sheet, bath towels and hand towels are supplied. 


Is there a BBQ at the property?

Yes there is a GAS BBQ at each of the properties (available from Easter until the end of October). 

Is there a music system at the property?

There is a CD player/DVD player in each property.

Is there WiFi at the property?

There is WiFi at the properties but please be aware that Crowcombe and Thorncombe are in a rural location and so the speeds may not be as quick as you are used to. More information can be found here. We would recommend that you download anything that you might need before your stay to avoid being disappointed. 

I would like to have a toddler bed or cot at the property do I need to bring my own?

Each of the properties has 1 cot and 1 toddler bed. You can request these when you complete your bedroom configurations. The cots come with a bottom sheet, and the toddler beds come with a bottom sheet and a duvet. Please make sure the names of younger guests are included on your booking. 

Are there any stairgates at this property?

Yes, both properties have built in stairgates which are always available for use. 

Are dogs allowed at this property?

Dogs are welcome at both properties. The owner allows up to two dogs in each house at  a charge of £50 each. Please make sure that you have read and understand the dog rules before you decide to add dogs to your booking. You can add dogs at the time of booking or before your stay. 

Are hen parties and stag parties allowed here? 

We do accept responsible hen and stag groups. Our properties are not designed to be party houses so would suit a more relaxed hen or stag group looking for luxury accommodation with plenty of facilities. Please ensure that you read all of the Terms and Conditions for this property before deicding if these properties are suitable for you. Thorncombe and Corwcombe are 2 of 5 lodges on a 2.5 acre site, so you need to be aware that because we offer family friendly accommodation you may be next door to a family and must give due consideration. In any case, there must be no outside noise, such as music, after 11pm.

How big are the swimming pools at the properties?

The pools are both 22ft x 10ft and a constant depth of 4ft.