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Holiday Cottages

“A cottage is, typically, a small house. It may carry the connotation of being an old or old-fashioned building. In modern usage, a cottage is usually a modest, often cosy dwelling, typically in a rural or semi-rural location.” (Source: Wikipedia, October 2016).  Except that at Sleeps12, we don’t really do anything on a small scale.  Sooooooo, we’ve taken the concept of the ‘cottage’ and given it a 21st Century lift!

Cosy and old fashioned doesn’t mean that it can’t also be sumptuous and luxurious.  You will find that the Sleeps12 cottages are in a league of their own; they can accommodate large groups and have a number of features that you would never associate with the term ‘cottage’, such as indoor swimming pools and games rooms – just a few examples.

We really do have some extraordinary properties, so if you want to combine form and function for your group getaway then get in touch with us now.

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