Holford, Somerset

A small village just off the A39, on the edge of the Quantocks, with a backdrop of steep combes with the loveliest names like Ladies Combe and Butterfly Combe. Right in the middle is Holford Glen where a Hugenot silk factory once stood. Remember Bryan Adams singing ‘(Everything I do) I do it for you’ in the woods? This is where it was filmed! Park up and have a stroll around the village; wildflowers grow in the churchyard, there’s a bowling green and an old dog pound, and houses built of the local red sandstone. If it’s warm enough have a bite to eat in the beer garden at The Plough; if it’s cold go in by the fire. You’ll get a friendly welcome and hearty pub grub, which is just what you want after a good walk. Otherwise, stop off at Combe House Hotel for lunch or afternoon tea.