Childrens Menu - Sarah Sellick

Children’s Menu




Garlic bread

Tomato bruschetta



Main Courses

Home-made beef burgers in a bun

Good old-fashioned shepherds pie

Classic meat or vegetable lasagna

Spaghetti & meatballs with tomato and (hidden) vegetable sauce

Mini chicken schnitzels

Fish gougons

Mild chicken korma with mini naan bread


All home-made and served with rice or oven chips and your choice of vegetables.




Strawberry Jelly with sprinkles and fresh strawberries

Apple crumble with custard

Yummy chocolate or vanilla ice-cream

Banana pudding with toffee sauce

Meringue baskets with fresh fruit and cream



£12.00 per head for 3 courses


Please, if possible, choose the same menu for all the children