About Sleeps12

Who are Sleeps12 and what do we do? Find out all about us and our business in this blog! We welcome you to Sleeps12 and hope you like our amazing range of properties as much as we do!

Sleeps 12 was launched in 2005 by husband and wife team Jess and Ashley Vellacott.

After a downturn in the farming industry, the Vellacotts were searching for ways to diversify. Jess researched holiday letting development for two years & discovered that there was a real gap in the market - there was a high demand for large properties offering top end facilities.

Sleeps 12 was developed as a luxury property holiday let business with, as the name suggests, a portfolio of properties that house in excess of 12 people.

They built the first house to a very demanding spec and it proved so successful that by 2008 they had built 2 further properties. It was only after they had got their first one up and running that people started coming to them for advice about planning & development. The natural progression was for Sleeps 12 to carefully expand to include other local properties (subject to a rigorous criteria). 

All the properties are extremely luxurious with indoor swimming  pools and other fabulous amenities such as indoor games facilities, hot tubs, saunas, and spas, to name but a few. Jess, in particular, is very involved in advising on the development of properties with the owners to ensure that they of the high standard required to become a Sleeps 12 property. Many of the properties have awards and guests book their large family gatherings year after year.

They have developed a website that is quick and easy to use bookings literally taking a few moments and is fully automated. For further details please do take a look at